Saturday, April 11, 2009

T'winkle Vendor Feature - Labyrinth Leather Craft

Hello again!  Here we go with one week left until the first ever T'winkle Market!  

Sounds like it's time for another vendor feature so you can get a little taste of what clever creations will be in store for all of us come April 18th!


Vendor Feature #4 

Labyrinth Leather Craft

Who are you?
I am Labyrinth Leather Craft.  More specifically,
Amanda Bennett...more like a weird genetic hybrid
of the two.  My business has "become" me.

What do you create?
Leather goods with a strong
focus on cuffs, belts and wallets.

What creative thing do you want to learn
or try next?
Smithing of one form or another.  Leather work
and leather dye has removed all pretense
of keeping my hands dirt free.

When you are not creating, what do you
like to do?
I enjoy a spot of apartment gardening.
For me it is a vicious process of planting,
nurturing, playing god, and then having 
the poor things die on me.  It is strangely

What music do you like to listen to while
I kinda enter nirvana when I'm creating, but if I had to fathom a guess then the music of Cirque De Soleil
and Delirium.

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