Saturday, March 14, 2009

T'winkle Vendor Feature -- Rave 'n' Iron

In the weeks coming up to the T'winkle Market, we'll be posting Vendor Features on the blog, as well as posing them in the T'winkle Market Event page on facebook.

Here's an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the incredibly talented and innovative designers & creators that will have their art for sale April 18th, at the Ambrosia Event Centre.

T'winkle Market Vendor Feature #1

The Rave 'N' Iron

Who are you?
THE RAVE 'N' IRON - Giselle Duval & Tim Andrew - Metal Maestros Extraordinaire!

What do you create?
We create One of a Kind, wearable art/self decor; earrings, pendants and belt buckles out of reclaimed sheet steel, oozing talent and steadfast stubbornness.

What three words best describe your work?

What inspires you? NATURE, of course!

What music do you listen to while creating?
The White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Po' Girl, The Audries, Juno Soundtrack, David Bowie (BEFORE THE 80'S!)Morcheeba, Cat Stevens, Jaime Church, Outlaw Social, The Gruff, Billy Holiday, Esthero, Ben Harper, Be Good Tanya's, and of course, Led Zeppelin!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome to the T'winkle Market Blog!

Vanessa (of Isadora Clothing) and Gabrielle (of Delilah Squid ) came up with the idea to create a vendor & artisan showcase that wasn't a Winter Market and wasn't a Summer Market, but something to fill those months between the two.

The idea was nurtured along with the goal of helping those creative types get out of their workrooms/garages/basements/crafty spaces and share their talent with each other, and with the community at large.

Geared toward new and seasoned vendors, as well as featuring a wide variety of creative disciplines, the T'winkle Market is shaping up to be a sparkling way to welcome Spring!


Things are a~buzz around here as we gather vendor applications, plot out the space, and organize all the details to make this first ever T'winkle Market in come to life!

We've secured a wonderful venue for the market -- The Ambrosia Event Centre located in beautiful downtown Victoria at 638 Fisgard Street. It's a spacious, elegant room that will suit the T'winkle Market perfectly!

Stay tuned for more updates about the T'winkle Market Shopping Spree Contest, as well as profiles on the artists who will be showing & selling their work at T'winkle Market!

Due to an amazing community response, Vendor Applications are now closed for this T'winkle Market.  Thank you!  To be considered for future T'winkle Market events, e-mail: